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Designing Beautiful, Sustainable Homes in Fairfield County

PFG is a full service oriented firm, emphasizing quality design and production work custom tailored to each individual client. The studio of PFG located in North Haven, Connecticut brings its leadership and teamwork skills to projects of all sizes. Following many years of experience in other firms ranging from small local shops to larger internationally recognized outfits, PFG was established in early 1998 encompassing the finer disciplines of design philosophies. The firm’s mission then, as it is now, is to provide a comprehensive range of architectural services to a variety of clients, be they residential, commercial, hospitality or institutional. By maintaining a diversity of practice, we are able to draw upon a vast range of experience and exposure to provide sound solutions to design issues both simple and complex. The team at PFG are of the strong belief that well designed, well crafted and responsible design can be provided at a reasonable cost to satisfy the needs of the client and benefit the community at large. The combination of both youthful energy and a blend of carefully honed experience aligned with a team of trusted engineer consultants allow for a quick response and adaptation to the constantly changing needs of all phases of project development.

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